Leading in the Legislature and Community

Talking with voters at an event Grand View University.
Understanding the needs of local firefighters and police officers by spending time in their shoes.
Advocating for working families on the floor of the Iowa Senate.
Making Iowans’ healthcare a priority.
Providing a voice for working Iowans at the statehouse.
Visiting community leaders on projects and ideas to enhance our quality of life.
Learning about issues and taking action in the legislature.
Updating neighborhood associations on current legislative issues.
Bringing people together at the State Capitol to make Iowa a better place.
Visiting with East High students about their studies of new technologies and advanced software.
Working to introduce and improve legislation for a better future.
Speaking up for our concerns in the Iowa Senate.
Keeping constituents engaged and involved in the political process.
Seeking out policy concerns and ideas from the community.
Andrea and Gwyneth joined me as I filed my my re-election papers.
Drafting and introducing bipartisan legislation to help children suffering PANS/PANDAS, a pediatric psychological illness, get access to medical care. The bill passed the Senate unanimously in 2020.
Joining community members in a project to distribute free meals in East Des Moines.
Engaging the community in discussions on building safer communities and addressing racial injustices.
Working on legislation to protect Iowans, including essential workers, during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Participating in a community march to promote social justice in our civil and criminal legal systems.
Sharing a family moment after being sworn in for my second term in the Senate in 2021.
Speaking with students about public service and the legislative process.
Hosting school groups at the Iowa State Capitol.
Visiting with constituents across the district.
Hosting constituent coffee meetings to hear from residents across the district during the legislative session.
Communicating with Iowans directly and through media interviews.
Speaking on legislation during the 2023 session.
Attending community events throughout the district.

From the streets of our neighborhoods to the floor of the Iowa Senate, Nate Boulton has invested time and energy to solving problems and taking on tough issues.

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